Governance of the NAMA Facility

The decision-making body of the NAMA Facility is the NAMA Facility Board, currently comprising representatives of the Donors of the NAMA Facility (currently BMUB, BEIS, EFKM and the European Commission). Board Members take all decisions on strategy and project selection.

A Technical Support Unit (TSU) functions as the secretariat of the NAMA Facility and supports the Board in its management. The KfW Development Bank and Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH are commissioned to implement the Facility; as of the 4th Call and for all NAMA Support Projects selected from there onwards, GIZ will take over all functions that have previously been split between GIZ and KfW. GIZ will act as the NAMA Facility Grant Agent managing funds and all procurement and contractual procedures on behalf of the NAMA Facility. This includes staffing the Technical Support Unit (TSU) as a secretariat of the NAMA Facility and channelling NAMA Facility funds individual NAMA Support Projects. As any eligible organisation, GIZ and KfW may also function as NAMA Support Organisations with regard to individual NAMA Support Projects (NSP). 

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