Jun 11, 2014

Report: Side event on ‘Lessons learned from providing finance for the implementation of NAMAs’ during SB 40 in Bonn

The Facility’s side-event during the recent SB meeting in Bonn focused on the lessons learned so far from the first call for NAMA Support Projects. Different stakeholders who were involved in the first call contributed to the event with their specific perspectives and lessons.

Mar 05, 2014

Second call for NAMA Support Project Outlines will open in April 2014

Germany and the UK are jointly providing an additional EUR 50 million to su...

Dec 09, 2013

NAMA Facility announces second call for projects for 2014

A second call for projects was announced during COP 19 in Warsaw After t...

Dec 04, 2013

Side event on ‘Financing the Implementation of Transformational NAMAs through the NAMA Facility’ during COP 19 in Warsaw

Presentation of the NAMA Support Projects selected during the first call T...

Nov 19, 2013

The NAMA Facility joins SBI in-session workshop on NAMAs

The NAMA Facility participated in the SBI work programme to further the und...