Chilean Self-supply Renewable Energy (SSRE) NAMA

In Chile, the NAMA aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by fostering renewable energy systems in small and medium-sized businesses. Thus it will contribute to increased energy security, improved quality of energy services at lower costs, and the creation of new job opportunities.

The project has been developed to remove barriers and incentivise the incorporation of decentralised renewable energy systems in private and public infrastructure in the short term. To counter the lack of incentives and experience among project investors and financial institutions in financing these energy systems, the NAMA Support Project will provide co-financing for feasibility studies, for investment grants to set up these systems, and for training and advisory services to improve the financial sector’s understanding of such systems. Furthermore, a guarantee fund will be set up in order to support the provision of loans by financial institutions.

Partner ministriesMinistry of Energy
Delivery organisationDeutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH, KfW Development Bank
Implementing partnerMinistry of Environment; Economic Development Agency (CORFO); International Cooperation Agency (AGCI); Ministry of Energy
Funding volumeEUR 17 million
Project duration2017-2020

In view of a lack of awareness, capacities and experience among potential users as well as service and technology providers, the NAMA Support Project will also raise awareness and build local capacities by conducting training and workshops for stakeholders in the private and public sectors, by providing technical support through a technical help desk, by supporting knowledge exchange, and by supporting the development of a greenhouse gas inventory for the small-scale energy sector.

It is estimated that this project could directly reduce emissions by 1.5 million tons CO2e.

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