Kenya – Mass Rapid Transport System for Nairobi

This project aims to support Kenya’s first Mass Rapid Transit System (MRT) as Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Action (NAMA). The NAMA is designed to provide modal alternatives and aims to shift significant shares of individual travel to commuter rail and a new Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system. The planned NAMA Support Project finances critical components of the first bus line for initiating a transformational change towards a sustainable urban mobility system. The NSP will also provide partial financing for rolling stock to allow poverty oriented tariff schemes within a private business model.

Photo Credits: Demosh, cc license


Traffic congestion in Nairobi*

It is expected for the NSP to reduce up to 0.04 M tons of CO2e annually (0.36 M tons of CO2e till 2030. To help creating political support and public acceptance the project aims to ensure support and participation of key stakeholders for the BRT business concept, which includes private matatu and taxi businesses as potential investors as well as employees. 

Partner ministries Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure; Ministry of Environment, Water and Natural Resources
Delivery organisation KfW for the Financial Component
GIZ for the Technical Component
Implementing partners Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure (MOTI) / NaMATA (Nairobi Metropolitain Area Transport Authority) Kenya Urban Road Authority
Requested funding volume EUR 20 million
Project duration 2017–2021
Status Appraisal

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