Governing Instrument for the NAMA Facility

May 01, 2018 PDF

Detailed arrangements regarding the support to and functionality of the NAMA Facility.

Implementing the Colombian Transit Oriented Development NAMA

Nov 13, 2017 YOUTUBE

With NAMA Facility support Colombian cities will transform urban planning. The project aims to promote better-designed, walkable, transit-oriented neighbourhood...

Implementing the New Housing NAMA Mexico

Nov 13, 2017 YOUTUBE

This project is contributing to the transformation of the Mexican housing sector through promoting cost effective energy-efficient building across the residenti...

NAMA Facility Inspiring Ambitious Action on Climate Change

Nov 13, 2017 PDF

The Donors of the NAMA Facility present the NAMA Facility’s Vision and Mission, a stocktaking and the latest funding commitment in the publication “Inspiring Am...

NAMA Facility Monitoring Workshop with International Stakeholders – Report

Jul 01, 2017 PDF

The NAMA Facility organized an exchange on technical questions related to the monitoring of changes effected by projects that have been financed by internationa...