"More Liveable Cities"

An interview with urban planning expert Juan Manuel Robledo on how the Transit Oriented Development (TOD) NAMA Support Project will improve quality of life in Colombian cities – and potentially transform urban planning policy in Colombia.


Green Comfort

Mexican cities are growing at a record rate. With the help of the "New Housing" NAMA Support Project, the country is promoting urban densification and more efficient houses for Mexican families. A visit to the housing project Altos de Tonalá in Guadalajara.


Renewable Power

Chile is continuously expanding its use of renewables in electricity production. The Self-Supply Renewable Energy NAMA Support Project consults small and medium-sized businesses on investing in renewables for self-supply – from photovoltaic systems to biogas.


Greener Cooling

Refrigeration and air conditioning technologies are a major source of harmful emissions. With the help of a NAMA Support Project, Thailand is now looking to more efficient equipment and natural refrigerants to achieve its climate protection targets.

Costa Rica

Low-Carbon Coffee

The Costa Rican coffee industry is facing the effects of climate change. The Coffee NAMA promotes climate-friendly, low-carbon coffee production and processing, and helps coffee producers to become more sustainable – and maintain productivity.