Ambition Initiative - Round Two

The Ambition Initiative - Round Two is Now Closed


The Ambition Initiative - Round Two of the NAMA Facility ran from 09 November 2021 until 30 April 2022, 3 pm (CEST/GMT+2) at which time all NSP Outlines and Annexes were required to be submitted via email – you can download the application documents here and see the full timeline of the Ambition Initiative here.


You can learn more about the key features of the Ambition Initiative Round Two here.


The updated Ambition Initiative - Round Two General Information Document contains detailed information about NSP Outline development, the selection process and its criteria, and the NAMA Facility’s two-phased approach of preparation (DPP) and implementation.


In case you have further questions, please look at our first FAQ Document here. You can also write us an email at contact(a) The TSU Policy for Processing Requests for Clarification Regarding the NAMA Facility's Ambition Initiative - Round Two can be found here.


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The NAMA Facility

The NAMA Facility provides tailor-made support for the implementation of highly ambitious and transformational NAMAs in developing countries. The Facility conducts competitive calls and selects the most ambitious and promising NAMA Support Projects for funding.

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The current portfolio of the NAMA Facility comprises 27 NAMA Support Projects in Asia, Africa and Latin America. The selected NAMA Support Projects represent the most advanced and ambitious NAMAs worldwide.

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Transformational Change

NAMA Support Projects supported by the NAMA Facility need to fit into the context of a broader NAMA and need to have the potential to catalyse transformational change in a partner country towards a low-carbon development path.

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