-- 7th CALL --

*7th Call: Questions about NSP Outline Development*

Are you considering to develop and submit an NSP Outline as part of the 7th Call?


Feel free to contact us with any conceptual questions or general clarifications – we will be happy to set up an exchange.


Please note that once the 7th Call launches, we will be bound by the TSU policy for processing clarification requests, which limits the TSU’s response to inquiries to several rounds of clarification notes.


-- More details about the 7th Call and its eventual launch can be found here in the press release. --




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The NAMA Facility

The NAMA Facility provides tailor-made support for the implementation of highly ambitious and transformational NAMAs in developing countries. The Facility conducts competitive calls and selects the most ambitious and promising NAMA Support Projects for funding.

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The current portfolio of the NAMA Facility comprises 27 NAMA Support Projects in Asia, Africa and Latin America. The selected NAMA Support Projects represent the most advanced and ambitious NAMAs worldwide.

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Transformational Change

NAMA Support Projects supported by the NAMA Facility need to fit into the context of a broader NAMA and need to have the potential to catalyse transformational change in a partner country towards a low-carbon development path.

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