About Us

NAMA Facility: Inspiring Ambitious Action on Climate Change


Our Vision is to:

Accelerate carbon-neutral development1 to keep temperature increases to well below two degrees Celsius by supporting NAMA Support Projects that effect sector-wide shifts toward sustainable, irreversible, carbon-neutral pathways in developing countries and emerging economies.

Our Mission is to:

  • Finance innovative projects that tackle specific local challenges for reducing emissions in sectors and countries with strong potential for up-scaling, replication and the ability to influence wider sectoral changes.
  • Unlock investment opportunities by providing tailor-made climate finance to fund projects with the potential to: 

                  i.    Strengthen country ownership to deliver carbon-neutral activities and closely align these activities with the country’s NDC and other relevant climate and development plans;
                 ii.    Pilot financing models to overcome market barriers to carbon-neutral development;
                iii.    Deploy innovative technologies and approaches, which require donor financing to support national development plans; and 
                iv.    Boost participation of the private sector to deliver carbon-neutral activities.

Our Approach is to:

Select the most transformational NAMA Support Projects (NSPs) from across all sectors and developing countries and emerging economies through open competitive Calls – those with the potential to improve, for example, the way that people live, work and move around while also catalysing larger changes across a sector. 

The 7th Call

In January 2020, the NAMA Facility announced a new funding commitment of up to EUR 60 million from Germany and the United Kingdom in support of the 7th Call for the submission of NSP Outlines. NSP Outline submissions to the 7th Call officially opened on 1 April 2020 and is now closed.

Furthermore, in recognition of both the strength of the NAMA Facility’s project pipeline and the country’s commitment to the NAMA Facility, the United Kingdom announced an additional contribution of up to EUR 38 million to the NAMA Facility to support NSPs from past and future Calls.

The Ambition Initiative - Supporting Ambitious NDCs for a Green Recovery

12 December 2020 – The NAMA Facility announced that its Ambition Initiative Call is officially open for NAMA Support Project (NSP) Outline submissions. The UK and German government, alongside the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF), intend to commit EUR 174 million to the Ambition Initiative. To recognise and support countries that present an ambitious update of their Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) under the Paris Agreement, the NAMA Facility’s largest Call to date will focus on the critical links between enhanced climate action and green recovery from the impacts of Covid-19.

The Ambition Initiative for NAMA Support Project Outlines is open between 12 December 2020 and 31 May 2021, 3pm CEST/GMT+2.

See here the German Federal Minister for the Environment Svenja Schulze announce the launch of the Ambition Initiative.

National governments of developing countries and emerging economies as well as other qualified Applicants are invited to submit NAMA Support Project Outlines.

For further information on the NAMA Facility, means of support available as well as the selection criteria of the NAMA Facility, please consult the General Information Document for the Ambition Initiative that is available here.

The NAMA Facility looks forward to supporting multiple projects that both deliver scaled up climate ambition and seize the opportunity to build resilient and sustainable economies.

The NAMA Facility welcomes additional contributions by other donors to spur NDC ambition worldwide.

More detailed information on the initiative will be released shortly.


As announced during the climate negotiations 2012 in Doha, Qatar, the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU) and the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) of the United Kingdom (UK) jointly established the NAMA Facility. In 2013 they contributed jointly an initial EUR 69 million of funding to support developing countries and emerging economies that show leadership on tackling climate change and that want to implement ambitious climate protection measures (NAMAs). BMU and BEIS jointly contributed an additional EUR 49 million, to fund a 2nd bidding round for NAMA Support Projects 2014. The Danish Ministry of Climate, Energy and Utilities (KEFM) and the European Commission joined the NAMA Facility as new Donors in 2015. The 3rd call for NAMA Support Project Outlines was made possible due to a joint contribution of additional funding of up to EUR 84 million by BMU, BEIS, KEFM and the European Commission. Recognizing the current and future role of NAMAs in the climate architecture, BMU and other donors continue to provide tailor-made funding for their implementation in partner countries. They jointly provide up to EUR 59 million for a 4th Call of the NAMA Facility.

In conjunction with the COP 23 in Bonn, Germany, on 13 November 2017, Donors announced the NAMA Facility's 5th Call for Proposals. The UK, Germany and the European Union intend to contribute additional funding up to EUR 85 million for the 5th Call. 

On 10 December 2018 at the occasion of the NAMA Facility's COP24 side event in Katowice, Poland, Donors launched the 6th Call for the submission of NAMA Support Project Outlines. The UK and Germany have again intended to contribute up to EUR 80 million for the 6th Call. During the event, Donors also highlighted their commitment to the NAMA Facility through 2020 and beyond. This renewed push highlights the Donors’ steadfast commitment to mitigating greenhouse gas emissions and keeping global temperature rises to well below two degrees Celsius.

NAMA Facility – Inspiring Ambitious Action on Climate Change

The Donors of the NAMA Facility present the NAMA Facility’s Vision and Mission, a stocktaking and the latest funding commitment in the publication “Inspiring Ambitious Action on Climate Change”.

The publication reflects on the NAMA Facility’s current role in the international climate finance landscape, lays out the importance of NAMAs for implementing Nationally Determined Contributions and highlights core principles on learning and evaluation and presents five short case studies from the NAMA Facility’s portfolio.


[1] For more informaiton on the NAMA Facility's approach toward carbon neutrality and what that could mean for potential applicants, see our news piece on the topic here.