7th Call

Changes in the 7th Call due to Covid-19

In response to the implications of the Covid-19 pandemic and the feedback from potential Applicants in an anonymous survey in June 2020, the NAMA Facility took the decision to introduce the following changes to the 7th Call:


New submission deadline:
In response to the wish of many potential applicants for a later NSP Outline submission deadline in the 7th Call, the NAMA Facility extended the deadline for submitting 7th Call NSP Outlines until 30 September 2020, 3pm CEST. The updated timeline is available here.


Additional clarification round:
We offered one additional round of clarificationin September. Clarifications notes #6 were published on 22 September. Find out more on all clarifications available here.


Shortened assessment timeline:
Climate action cannot wait until the pandemic is over. The NAMA Facility is therefore doing its best to work with a tighter timeline for the assessment process to remain within the originally foreseen schedule for Donors’ decision in the selection process.


Additional - optional - application document:
The NAMA Facility enabled NSPs to explain the specific circumstances arising from the Covid-19 pandemic in an additional optional Annex 7 to the NSP Outline. This enables the NAMA Facility during the assessment process to better understand and consider the country-specific implications on the NSP application, its ambition and state of preparation. The updated Application documents that include the NSP Outline template with an updated cover page and the additional Annex 7 are available here


Government endorsement as e-mail accepted: There was also some flexibility regarding the endorsement by national ministries as the NAMA Facility accepts e-mails from national government officials confirming support to the NSP, whereas the endorsement letter should be presented latest during a potential in-depth assessment. Find out more about the eligibility criteria here. We have also updated the General Information Document in the respective section 5. The updated General Information Document is available here.

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