4th Call

4th General Information Document

The General Information Document (GID) provides general information on the NAMA Facility, its objective and functioning as well as specific information on the selection process of NAMA Support Projects for funding under the NAMA Facility. The purpose of the document is to assist national governments of partner countries and Implementing Partners (IPs) in preparing to submit NAMA Support Project Outlines to the NAMA Facility.

The version applicable for the 4th Call: 4 July 2016. The General Information Document can be downloaded here: NAMA Facility General Information Document July 2016

4th Call Application Documents

The application documents consist of a template for NAMA Support Project Outlines and five annexes. 

Please download the templates here.

There have been significant changes between the 3rd and the 4th Call, more information available here.

4th Call Proposal template

This template is published for information of interested stakeholders. The Proposal is prepared during the Detailed Preparation Phase and will be the basis for the Donors of the NAMA Facility to decide on committing funding for implementation of the individual NSP. NSPs that have been selected in the 4th Call received this template and annexes in the beginning of their Detailed Preparation Phase.

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