Clarifications and FAQs

Ambition Initiative FAQ, Clarifications and Webinars

During the Ambition Initiative of the NAMA Facility, the Technical Support Unit (TSU) collected written questions regarding the Ambition Initiative and published clarifications and frequently asked questions (FAQs) on this page every month.

A first set of FAQ has been published with the launch of the Ambition Initiative and is available here:

The document will be updated and published with additional clarifications according to the following schedule:

In addition, there were three webinars to assist in the application process that also provide an opportunity to seek clarifications: 

We highly recommended taking a look at our NAMA Facility Ambition Initiative Call - Podcast: Introduction to Annex 5a – Financial MechanismNAMA Facility Podcast: Introduction to Annex 6 – GHG Mitigation Potential and our Fictional NSP Outline “Towards Carbon-Neutral Totinia Now!” which serve as guides for applicants.

The TSU Policy for Processing Requests for Clarification Regarding the NAMA Facility's Ambition Initiative

In order to ensure a transparent and fair competitive Ambition Initiative, the TSU of the NAMA Facility will provide Clarification Notes on the basis of the following principles:

  1. The TSU will provide information in the form of Clarification Notes concerning the interpretation of the GID and application documents. In order to ensure a fair competition, the TSU will not provide any advice with regard to individual NAMA Support Projects.
  2. Requests for clarification must be addressed per e-mail to the NAMA Facility to contact(at)
  3. As described above, five successive Clarification Notes addressing requests in an anonymised manner will be published in a monthly interval on the NAMA Facility’s website until the end of May 2021.
  4. Submitted requests will receive a confirmation of receipt by e-mail along with an indication of when their inquiry will be addressed as part of the next published Clarification Note.
  5. Following the publication of such Clarification Note, each submitter of a request will also be informed per e-mail of the details identifying which section of the Clarification Note addresses their respective request. If the request could not be clarified, the submitter will be informed of the reason.
  6. Requests for clarifications that are addressed to the TSU during events will be recorded as per the above point 2 and treated as per points 3 and 4.

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