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NAMA Facility Webinar III - Clarifications & FAQs (Ambition Initiative - Round Two)

Mar 23, 2022 pdf
This webinar relates to the Ambition Initiative – Round Two and was structured...

Evaluation and Learning Event (26 January 2022) Slides

Feb 02, 2022 pdf
The event shared lessons and insights into the evaluation and learning approach...

NAMA Facility Podcast: Introduction to Annex 6 – GHG Mitigation Potential

Jun 08, 2020
In this podcast, Jasmin from the TSU walks applicants through the NSP Outline...

NAMA Facility Inspiring Ambitious Climate Action

Jan 09, 2019 pdf
Presentation made on the COP24 10 December 2018 Moderator: Etienne Coyette...

NAMA Facility Presentation at KPC Vienna 2017

Apr 10, 2017 pdf
Scaling Up Financing for Mitigation Measures – Reflections from the NAMA...

Challenges in designing NAMAs in the waste sector Experiences from the NAMA Facility portfolio

Sep 20, 2016 pdf
Presentation made by Dr. Sören David, Head of the Technical Support Unit to the...

Short presentation NAMA Facility

Jul 01, 2016 pdf
Short presentation of the NAMA Facility in German, Spanish, English, and French.