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Promoting Distributed Solar and Energy Efficiency Mechanisms in Tunisia Through International Use Cases and Comparisons

Aug 16, 2022 pdf
This report was compiled by four second-year students at the School of Advanced...

Spotlight on the Detailed Preparation Phase (DPP): what it takes to craft a detailed project proposal

Jun 07, 2022 pdf
This special feature tells a behind-the-scenes story of this important phase in...

NAMA Facility Mitigation Guideline

Feb 18, 2022 pdf
To support applicants of the current Call for Projects.

Guidance on Annex 6 - NAMA Facility Ambition Initiative Call

May 25, 2021 pdf
The Mitigation Annex template is part of the application documents that are...

NAMA Facility - 2nd Interim Evaluation and Learning - Learning Reports

Mar 29, 2021 pdf
Download here: NAMA Facility 2nd Interim Evaluation - Learning Report - Theory...

NAMA Facility - 2nd Interim Evaluation and Learning - Final Report

Mar 15, 2021 pdf
This is the Final Report of the Second Interim Evaluation of the NAMA Facility....

NAMA Facility Knowledge Creation Strategy

Dec 03, 2019 pdf
The knowledge creation strategy (as of December 2019) aims to support the NAMA...

NAMA Update: Slow but Steady Growth in NAMAs, Enhanced Knowledge Exchange

Jan 20, 2017
STORY HIGHLIGHTS: During the period from October 2016 to January 2017, only...