Jun 19, 2017

NAMA Facility update and outlook on activities in 2017 and 5th Call

The NAMA Facility hopes to announce a 5th Call by the end of the year, but a final decision cannot be made until after elections in both the UK and Germany.

The NAMA Facility has held four competitive Calls for NAMA Support Project Outlines between 2013 and 2016. The current portfolio comprises 14 NAMA Support Projects in appraisal and implementation. 7 NAMA Support Projects were selected in the fourth Call for receiving support for a Detailed Preparation Phase.

The NAMA Facility provides lessons learnt from the 4th Call in the format of a webinar (available online).

NAMA Facility Webinar Lessons Learnt 4th Call

The NAMA Facility will continue to share lessons learnt also from NAMA Support Projects in implementation and make these available online.

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NAMA Facility mailing list