Sep 12, 2019

New NAMA Facility Publication Showcases Lessons Learnt from the Mexico Housing NSP's TC Evaluation

Following the completion of the technical cooperation component (TC) at the end of 2017, an external evaluation was launched to review and assess the project's work that had been undertaken. This evaluation sought not only to evaluate the project and its results but also to facilitate the exchange of learning beyond the confines of the NAMA Support Project (NSP), across the wider climate finance community.

Based on the NSP's TC evaluation, the Tehcnical Support Unit of the NAMA Facility extracted lessons learnt and developed a report to share these learnings more broadly. The report delves into the project's targets, actions and results and it offers a candid review of at what worked – and what did not.

We invite you to take a look at the report and do share any feedback, questions or comments that arise: contact(at)

Click here to download the report.