Jan 10, 2019

Replicating Success: Costa Rica Low-Carbon Coffee NAMA

Traditional coffee cultivation presents significant opportunities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through a shift toward low-carbon coffee. In Costa Rica, the NAMA Facility's Low-Carbon Coffee NAMA Support Project (NSP) provides a compelling case for how this can be done. The successes and lessons learnt here can be taken to support replication of such NAMAs across other countries and contexts. In an effort to extract this knowledge to support such replication elsewhere, the NAMA Facility recently interviewed two important partners of this NSP, Sandra Spies of GIZ and Carlos Fonseca of ICAFE. Take a look at the full interview and interesting insight it offers here.

For a more intimate portrayal of this NSP and its work with local people in Costa Rica, check out our Low-Carbon Coffee NAMA story here.

You can also take a look at this NSP's new video (below), which showcases the great work they do on the ground in Costa Rica. The NAMA Facility and its Donors are proud to support Costa Rica and the Low-Carbon Coffee NAMA.