Brazil – Transformative Investments for Industrial Energy Efficiency (TI4E)

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Industry is responsible for one third of Brazil’s final energy consumption and eight percent of the country’s greenhouse gas emissions, amounting to 183 million tonnes of CO2e per year. Until now, Brazil’s energy efficiency market has been negligible and the vast potential for energy savings remains untapped – despite the existence of federal regulations and programmes, financial mechanisms and a limited degree of technical assistance initiatives.

This NSP aims to promote industrial energy efficiency investments in Brazil and deliver a transformative push to Brazil’s energy efficiency market. In particular, the NSP will focus on industrial small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) within the region of São Paulo, the supply chain for energy efficiency (including energy service companies, consultants and suppliers) and on public and private financial institutions. It will develop local banks’ capacities and enhance their familiarity with assessing and investing in energy efficiency projects, allowing them to offer more attractive financial products. By the end of the project, the energy efficiency service companies and technology providers will be capable of facilitating a steady, low-risk pipeline of energy efficiency projects. The NSP will also support the government to further improve its energy efficiency policies.

The NSP is expected to have directly avoided 10,440 GWh by the end of the Implementation Phase, saving Brazilian industries approximately EUR 822 million in energy costs and mitigating emissions of 2.2 million tonnes of CO2e.

Partner MinistriesMinistry of Mines and Energy; Ministry of Development Industry and Foreign Trade
Implementing PartnersSENAI; BNDES; Desenvolve SP
Funding Volume ProvidedEUR 18.3 million
Project Duration2020-2025
(Co-)ApplicantDeutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH
Call5th Call

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