Honduras – Transforming the Honduran Livestock Sector into a Low-Carbon Economy

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The 96,000 cattle farms in Honduras contribute to greenhouse gas emissions, mainly due to enteric fermentation and deforestation, which accounts for 31% of the country´s emissions. Farmers rely on traditional cattle-raising practices characterized by poor animal management and a monoculture pasture approach that considers trees as a limitation and causes land degradation and deforestation.

The NSP is designed to promote a productive yet low-carbon livestock sector. Farmers will receive advice to initiate behavioural change and access to credit schemes based on a three-pronged approach by means of extension services, access to blended capital and improved framework conditions. The NSP will decrease agricultural and national emissions by 4.8% and 0.7%, respectively. This is due to the carbon capture through improved pastures and silvopastoral systems.

This NSP complements bottom-up approaches to install capacities in cattle farmers with top-down interventions that enhance an enabling environment for competitive and sustainable intensification of livestock production. The NSP will trigger a cascade of socio-economical, technical, financial, institutional and political changes. These changes will affect a critical mass of 1,200 farmer households directly and their organizations, private companies, governmental institutions and financial service providers, thus creating a multiplier effect that will generate an irreversible process of change and result in a transformation towards sustainable and low-emission livestock production in Honduras.

The NSP will work with the Honduran National Federation of Agricultural and Livestock Producers (FENAGH), with active involvement of the Ministry of Natural Resources, Environment, and Mines (MiAmbiente).

Partner MinistriesMinistry of Agriculture and Livestock; Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock
NAMA Support OrganisationTropical Agricultural Research and Higher Education Center (CATIE)
Implementing PartnersHonduran Bank for Production and Housing (BANHPROVI); Carbon Trust; National Federation of Agricultural and Livestock Producers of Honduras (FENAGH)
StatusDetailed Preparation Phase
Call6th Call

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