The Gambia – Investing in Grid-Connected Solar PV

The aim of this NAMA Support Project (NSP) is to support the development of grid-connected renewable energy through the construction of two solar PV sites. International investment will be attracted to the country through a tender for the solicitation of independent power producer (IPP) bids, which will seek to construct 10.5MW of solar PV capacity. NAMA Facility funds will be leveraged as a partial risk guarantee to demonstrate the viability of such investment. The NSP aims to eventually develop three additional sites in The Gambia. 

The projects supported through the NSP will increase the share of renewable energy generation in the country’s grids and work toward supporting the realization of The Gambia’s emission reduction targets, as laid out in its NDCs. The NSP is fully embedded in the country’s NDCs.

The project is based on the NAMA “Rural Electrification with Renewable Energy in The Gambia” and the ‘Feasibility Study for Grid-Connected Solar Power Generation in The Gambia”, which were respectively developed in 2015 and 2016, with support from UNDP.

Over 10 years, the NSP intends to effect a direct emission reduction of 103,064 tCO2. Over the lifetime of the intervention’s technology, the direct emission reduction grows to 294,371 tCO2.

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Partner MinistriesMinistry of Environment, Climate Change & Natural Resources (MECCNAR), Ministry of Petroleum & Energy (MOPE)
NAMA Support OrganisationUnited Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and United Nations Capital Development Fund (UNCDF)
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