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Financing the Implementation of NAMAs – lessons learned from the assessment of 3 Calls of the NAMA Facility

Feb 01, 2016 pdf
Gaining experience and disseminating lessons learned are amongst the key...

Executive Summary NAMA Facility annual report 2015

Dec 01, 2015 pdf
A two page document with the executive summary of NAMA Facility's Annual Report...

Sustainable development co-benefits in the NAMA Facility

Dec 01, 2015 pdf
Sustainable development co-benefits can be seen from two different perspectives...

NAMA Facility Stakeholder Consultation – Proceedings and outcomes

Nov 24, 2015 pdf
Stakeholders in climate finance and the NAMA Facility met in London on October...

Monitoring and Evaluation Guidance for NAMA Support Projects

Nov 01, 2015 pdf
Given that all NAMA Support Projects (NSPs) aim to contribute to the objectives...

Implementation of the NAMA Support Project – Low Carbon Coffee Costa Rica

Nov 01, 2015 pdf
The production of coffee is an integral part of the history and identity of...

Lessons Learned 2014 – Financing the Implementation of NAMAs

Aug 01, 2014 pdf
Gaining experience and disseminating lessons learned are key functions of the...

Potential for Transformational Change

Aug 01, 2014 pdf
The NAMA Facility applies four criteria to evaluate the ambition of a NAMA...

Implementation of the New Housing – Mexico NAMA

Jul 01, 2014 pdf
Overview of Implementation of the New Housing NAMA Mexico.